The "HOBBY TOUR" travel company was set up in 1999. It handles consulting service, tourism and travel activities. HOBBY TOUR designs custom trips to fit your needs, dreams and interests. Enjoy specific view, exiting and flexible time of adventures throughout Mongolia. It is a huge, landlocked country about 1.566.000 sq km area It is the 'Land of Blue Sky ' and wide country of mountain, stunning lakes, vast deserts, beautiful steppes with variety of flowers, and unique kingdom of wild life.
We invite you to experience for yourself the natural beauty of the Mongolian country , art and the sound of steps wind .

Hope to see you in Mongolia.



I want to know the information on a spot before the travel.
I offer real time information.
-I want to stand the plan of a travel.
Although he wants to go to Mongolia, first of all, please consult with him the direction where a concrete plan is not stood.
-I want to travel at a low price anyhow.
-I want to develop the business in Mongolia
Although the history to market-economy-izing is a shallow country, focusing on young men, the volition to economical exploitation is wonderful and is filled to vigor.
The business chance for you should surely be found.
-I want to study Mongolia language.

-I want to reserve a hotel.
HOBBY TOUR is official agent of Bayangol Hotel.
Service of stay expenses can be offered at a low price.
-I want to stay in Mongolia people's house.
-I want to stay in Mongolia people's cottage.
-I want to stay in Ger.
The tourist camp where HobbyTour ties up.
-I want to use an apartment.
Use of an apartment is profit at those who plan long-term stay for studying abroad, a coverage travel, etc.

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